Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update 1...Loving Chiang Mai

barefeet, spicy food, gracious people, God's hand...a few of my favorite things here in Thailand! It is hard to miss home when I am surrounded by such beauty and getting to participate in service and in a new culture! I truly am loving it...the first 4 days was spent doing "cultural immersion"- visiting WATS (Buddhist temples), going to "monk chat," doing a scavenger hunt around the city forced to use Thai (which, by the way, is the 3rd hardest language in the WORLD!), and meeting many wonderful Thai friends! The "M's" here are FABULOUS people who share in an amazing community of believers! It truly is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever encountered of the global church...Beginning of this week we began our service at our ministry sites where I am at an orphange! The kids are darling with whom we get to play with in the afternoons and then we are painting the inside of the house they live in during the mornings! It is looking great and the Thai workers and orphans have been very blessed by it already :) Since our team has partnered with a bunch of other teams, the dynamic has drastically changed being that there are now over 40 high school students with us, but we are learning patience through them :) I have had the chance to join in the worship music leading for our group meetings and that's been a big encouragement to my heart while I've been here. My team is awesome and I am feel very blessed to be building the friendships that I am with them :) Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!

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Ann Hagensen said...

Hi sister and daughter!!!! We just got our first internet access and read the lovely message you posted today! We are so happy you’re safe and that God is using you and your team in big ways! Sounds like you are having an enriching experience. We left Italy today and are now in Southern France, Cannes!! Tough life huh? ha ha. We are learning so much on our trip about ancient roman history, beautiful Switzerland, and lots of Gelato! We all wish you were with us but we are so excited that you’re changing the world!!! Keep up the great work and write soon. Hope to have internet the rest of our days in France. Love you lots and you and your team is continually in our prayers.
Love Mom, Tom, and Elizabeth