Monday, July 14, 2008

2/3 done...

It is so crazy that tomorrow we will have been gone for 2 weeks and only have 1 remaining left here in Thailand! In so many ways I feel like we're only just arrived...I am almost getting used to being sweaty 99% of the time and I am slowly getting better at my Thai speaking and feel like I've barely gotten to know the M's like I would like to...all that to say, even though it may not seem like it, I do miss home and all of my family and friends! Some of the highlights of this past week have been...taking all the kids from the orphange to the lake on Saturday, talking with the Thai ladies who work at the orphange, being offered the opportunity to share a song I wrote, "Finding Freedom," at church on Sunday with our whole group and Thai friends- some believers, some not, getting to have an amazing and encouraging phone conversation with Brenden (sorry mom and dad- yes, I did call him first!) and finally, pretty much being offered a job here in Chiang Mai with the local M's!!! They said we'll keep in contact for the possibility of doing my overseas practicum for my masters here :) The Lord's hand has been shown so prevalent in my time here. I came to serve Him and HE is immensely blessing me!! There haven't been many low points on this trip but I'd like to share a couple commical ones that happened this past weekend...To preface- Thailand is a country filled with small, short and skinny people who make us Americans look even more glutonous than we are! SOO...I barely made the weight cutoff to ride the paddle boats on the lake and yesterday a Thai man asked me if I was pregnant...good times! My full figured body isn't doing so well here in tiny Thailand and I am excited to get back where my 6-8 bod will once again be culturally acceptable! Love to all! Sawadee-kha ( Thai greeting!)

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