Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last one!

i must be fast because this comp is slow and my internet time is about to run out...i am well, the team is good and thailand is's officially the rainy season. i have loved my time and it has been blessed but i am missing home now...going elephant riding tomorrow :) and then flying home the next day...prayers to all...maybe one more to come if there is time :)

ok friends...i'm back :) i am not even going to try to sum up my time in Thailand on this specific blogging session- probably in the near future, on my own computer where my internet time isn't counting down giving me anxiety!! Anyways...our team start debriefing tonight and it went very well. It helped me even process more about what The Lord has been teaching me through this experience and how I am growing and hoping to grow as a result...My prayer is that the small part we've taken in certain ministries would have eternal impact because of those continuing the work after we've left and of course, by the mighty moving of our Sovereign God. As we had joined another project while in Chiang Mai, a youth leader had the genius idea of creating youtube videos of our work cites! So...I am happy to report that before I even return to tell you all about this trip, you can get a glimpse of what I've been up to for the majority of it...on youtube look up quail creek students and go to thailand day case some don't know, our team was split up among other teams so that's why you might not recognize anyone else in the video except me and adam :)

Tomorrow and part of Tuesday is mostly debriefing, goodbyes and a few fun activities...please pray that we discuss what is most needed to ease the re-entry process, please pray for safety as we travel and that I finish the accounting wisely and accurately! Thank you to everyone who has been faithful to read my rantings and faithful in prayer for my team and I...we needed you and are grateful. God is the definition of GOOD and every time I go overseas I am reminded of His vastness and greatness and love for ALL encouraged to serve a God like ours- not a false image of which I come to see much of.

I'll be state side soon and can't wait to share with you all!!

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AdamCook said...

Oh how much I miss it.