Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last one!

i must be fast because this comp is slow and my internet time is about to run out...i am well, the team is good and thailand is's officially the rainy season. i have loved my time and it has been blessed but i am missing home now...going elephant riding tomorrow :) and then flying home the next day...prayers to all...maybe one more to come if there is time :)

ok friends...i'm back :) i am not even going to try to sum up my time in Thailand on this specific blogging session- probably in the near future, on my own computer where my internet time isn't counting down giving me anxiety!! Anyways...our team start debriefing tonight and it went very well. It helped me even process more about what The Lord has been teaching me through this experience and how I am growing and hoping to grow as a result...My prayer is that the small part we've taken in certain ministries would have eternal impact because of those continuing the work after we've left and of course, by the mighty moving of our Sovereign God. As we had joined another project while in Chiang Mai, a youth leader had the genius idea of creating youtube videos of our work cites! So...I am happy to report that before I even return to tell you all about this trip, you can get a glimpse of what I've been up to for the majority of it...on youtube look up quail creek students and go to thailand day case some don't know, our team was split up among other teams so that's why you might not recognize anyone else in the video except me and adam :)

Tomorrow and part of Tuesday is mostly debriefing, goodbyes and a few fun activities...please pray that we discuss what is most needed to ease the re-entry process, please pray for safety as we travel and that I finish the accounting wisely and accurately! Thank you to everyone who has been faithful to read my rantings and faithful in prayer for my team and I...we needed you and are grateful. God is the definition of GOOD and every time I go overseas I am reminded of His vastness and greatness and love for ALL encouraged to serve a God like ours- not a false image of which I come to see much of.

I'll be state side soon and can't wait to share with you all!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

2/3 done...

It is so crazy that tomorrow we will have been gone for 2 weeks and only have 1 remaining left here in Thailand! In so many ways I feel like we're only just arrived...I am almost getting used to being sweaty 99% of the time and I am slowly getting better at my Thai speaking and feel like I've barely gotten to know the M's like I would like to...all that to say, even though it may not seem like it, I do miss home and all of my family and friends! Some of the highlights of this past week have been...taking all the kids from the orphange to the lake on Saturday, talking with the Thai ladies who work at the orphange, being offered the opportunity to share a song I wrote, "Finding Freedom," at church on Sunday with our whole group and Thai friends- some believers, some not, getting to have an amazing and encouraging phone conversation with Brenden (sorry mom and dad- yes, I did call him first!) and finally, pretty much being offered a job here in Chiang Mai with the local M's!!! They said we'll keep in contact for the possibility of doing my overseas practicum for my masters here :) The Lord's hand has been shown so prevalent in my time here. I came to serve Him and HE is immensely blessing me!! There haven't been many low points on this trip but I'd like to share a couple commical ones that happened this past weekend...To preface- Thailand is a country filled with small, short and skinny people who make us Americans look even more glutonous than we are! SOO...I barely made the weight cutoff to ride the paddle boats on the lake and yesterday a Thai man asked me if I was pregnant...good times! My full figured body isn't doing so well here in tiny Thailand and I am excited to get back where my 6-8 bod will once again be culturally acceptable! Love to all! Sawadee-kha ( Thai greeting!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update 1...Loving Chiang Mai

barefeet, spicy food, gracious people, God's hand...a few of my favorite things here in Thailand! It is hard to miss home when I am surrounded by such beauty and getting to participate in service and in a new culture! I truly am loving it...the first 4 days was spent doing "cultural immersion"- visiting WATS (Buddhist temples), going to "monk chat," doing a scavenger hunt around the city forced to use Thai (which, by the way, is the 3rd hardest language in the WORLD!), and meeting many wonderful Thai friends! The "M's" here are FABULOUS people who share in an amazing community of believers! It truly is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever encountered of the global church...Beginning of this week we began our service at our ministry sites where I am at an orphange! The kids are darling with whom we get to play with in the afternoons and then we are painting the inside of the house they live in during the mornings! It is looking great and the Thai workers and orphans have been very blessed by it already :) Since our team has partnered with a bunch of other teams, the dynamic has drastically changed being that there are now over 40 high school students with us, but we are learning patience through them :) I have had the chance to join in the worship music leading for our group meetings and that's been a big encouragement to my heart while I've been here. My team is awesome and I am feel very blessed to be building the friendships that I am with them :) Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!

Monday, June 30, 2008

SE Asian Excursion

Well tomorrow I leave for Thailand...I am so thrilled, excited and fortunate for this opportunity, yet my nerves are very real. My plan is to post personal updates here when I can. Please pray that The ONE who is in control of all would guide us, keep us safe and provide incredible opportunity for the furthering of our cause! I will be working at an orphanage the majority of the time, which I am absolutely elated about! I will also get the chance to participate in the study of Thai and Buddhist culture through visiting historical temples and speaking with authentic Thai Buddhist monks! I hope you find these updates helpful in knowing how to lift up our team...Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you