Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crossing the half-way point...

Well I’ve officially been in Nepal for 3 and 1/2 weeks now and I’m almost in disbelief that this means my time here is half way gone! My time has now exceeded the length of any other overseas trip I have ever taken...if someone were to honestly ask how my trip has been so far and was willing to hear the extended, honest answer in return, I would say: 
It has been...
wonderfully challenging 
sometimes lonely 
often unexpected 
occasionally frustrating
often joyful
full of constant adjustment
sometimes overwhelming
highly educational
patience testing
full of questioning  
a test of my ability to trust in the Lord
Overall, I am learning a lot - even if it is not what I expected to learn. Also, I know that I will be processing all that I have and will still experience here in Nepal for even years to come. For the second half of my trip, it is my hope and prayer that much of what I have learned will start to come together and that my mind will be inspired with how I can creatively report my findings in the papers and reports I must submit when returning home! 
The next 3 and 1/2 weeks are going to fly by with my family being here and my schedule being more packed. I am ecstatic that I get to see them tomorrow! It will be awesome getting to serve together as well as simply enjoy exploring new places! After two weeks, Brenden, my mom and Tom will return home and I will have 10 days remaining in country. I will wrap up my experiences and attempt to compile my research into reports! 
“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3 
Earlier this year during an Old Testament course, I got to more carefully study the book of Ecclesiastes, which caused me to marvel at its honesty and depth. To some, this book may seem the most dismal of all the Writings because it talks extensively about death and the futility of life. However, I personally find that it gives the most accurate depiction of how we often feel about life and subsequently, I find it the most life-giving. Ecclesiastes shows that what we believe about death, should effect what we believe about life and how we choose to live it! Although the futility of life seems to often overtake human existence, this book shows that life is still worth the living because Yahweh is God and He has given us this life to live in reverence of Him. An important aspect of this book is to know that the author wrote such encouraging words without the hope the heaven that believers have today - I find this even more amazing. A life committed to following Yahweh was still worth it, even without knowing the promise of heaven. Through this study, I learned the importance of living with the hope of heaven, instead of living for the hope of heaven - we must live to serve God on earth while we can, in ways that are pleasing to Him! 
I am further learning that there is something beautiful to be seen and experienced, in even in the most simplistic circumstances, as well as during both seasons of sorrow and joy. 

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Ron Turner said...

My Darling First-Born, Lindsey,

How my heart swells with joy and pride as you describe your first day of venturing out alone in town. I can picture you, walking among the marketplace, breathing in the temples, soaking in the culture. And I am so glad that Brenden, Mom, and Tom have had this opportunity to share in a portion of this life-changing chapter of your life with you.

I've loved our two extended Skype sessions, and hope we can do another when you have the chance. How amazing to talk and see one another in real-time half-way around the world.

I just watched the movie "Hotel Rwanda", which I'd never seen. It reminded me of your 2007 trip there, and the 200 photos your brought back. This movie broke my heart; I cried through most of it. We live in such a take-for-granted comfort in the USA, most of us oblivious to the needs of those just across the oceans that join us.

Lindsey, this sentence you wrote has deeply impacted me today, "It definitely confirmed in my heart, the desire I have to hopefully someday work for an organization that is truly bringing about transformational development and change in the lives of the less fortunate." Wow. What a mission statement...

Honey, you know from our many discussions that God has been stirring my heart in these areas of helping others that simply cannot help themselves. Perhaps the freedom from debt that He has blessed me with this year is meant to allow me the ability to respond to just such a call when He whispers it to me.

I just want you to know that I read every single word of your adventure, and no Daddy could be more proud of the person you are. I would not change one thing about you, Darling Daughter.

I love you,
Daddy xoxo (wse)