Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arrival + Adjustment

Well I have been in Nepal for an entire day now and it still feels surreal! I arrived safely yesterday afternoon and have been resting up ever since while also spending time with the family of my wonderful contacts. I have adjusted to Nepal’s time pretty well which is good news! I am still feeling somewhat fatigued but that is to be expected for a couple days. I am enjoying the food I’ve had so far and am staying well, which is also good news. Conversations with my hosts have already been very helpful for my cultural learning as we have discussed many current issues here in Nepal as well as issues in Christianity. This has also been good for my language learning! I am becoming more familiar with just simple words at this point, but am dong my best! I am very much enjoying their company and generous hospitality. My heart is strengthened and encouraged by their love for Jesus. For those concerned, I am being taken care of very well! :)
As I flew into Nepal yesterday, I caught my first glimpse of the Himalayas. Even just their peeks were majestic! In this picture, on the right, it’s hard to distinguish between the clouds and the snow-capped mountain tops, but if you look closely you can just make them out. The picture below was some of the landscape we were flying over as we descended into Kathmandu. The rainy season has just finished here in Nepal so the land is very green this time of year. 

Surprisingly, the Himalayas are not easily seen from the Kathmandu valley due the polluted air blocking them. 
(This can be seen in the picture on the left as well) I have been told that on a clear day you can see them. This made me laugh a little and I said, “It’s just like LA’s smog!” It is similar but the haze here in Kathmandu is actually a little darker and is mostly due to car exhaust and polluted emissions, for which they have no regulations against. The drive through the city to where I have been staying was a mere 15 minutes, but I observed a lot in those minutes. Evidences of Nepal’s developing status were quite obvious. Although I was not shocked to find this, I was still a little surprised having imagined Kathmandu differently. The house I stayed at last night and today is in another district slightly outside of Kathmandu - it is much more quiet out here and a little more secluded. It is a large home   with 4 floors total - the bottom two are finished while the top two are not yet finished. On the top floor there was a wonderful view of the Kathmandu valley. 
This evening I traveled to my hosts’ home, where I will be staying most of my time here in Nepal. I am feeling much more settled now that I am here with them. They are newlyweds and a little older than Brenden and I. Also, both are English speakers, so we have much in common. It is refreshing and comforting to be with them. I am already so grateful for all their help and kindness. I am truly thankful to be here, but of course I miss home - especially my beloved husband and family. Yet in the face of these feelings, today I have felt ministered to by the Holy Spirit through the hope I have in the ways He will lead me during my time in Nepal and through the comfort that His empowerment brings. The next couple days I will spend at home while my hosts go to work. This will give me time to read, write, learn music and do further research. I am anxious to get out in the city and experience the culture of Kathmandu, but my hosts suggested that I need to become familiar with the city before I go out on my own. I will definitely be taking and trusting their advice since they know their own culture best! This weekend we are planning to go out so that they will be able to guide and help me. 

It truly has been a wonderful first two days - a very smooth experience thus far. Thank you to all who are praying for me. I am blessed to be here and am looking forward to all of my experiences ahead! 


Lori said...

Dearest Lindsey,

I just got caught up on your blogging. Whew! Time flys.

To hear your heart felt passion is so refreshing!!!! I know you are real and that your heart breaks over pain and suffering . . . just like the Savior's. That's real. That's ok. Your empathy comes from Him. You're right!

You have a great news to tell! We have so much to give Him praise for! He has unlocked the chains of the enemy. He has overcome eternal death. He has redeemed us! So, we tell it!

I'm so excited for all you will learn! I love that you are following Him and that you have His passion! It's a privilege to know you Lindsey! What a journey you will have!

When you are overcome with sadness by the hurt you see, remember the victory and the promises. We have HOPE to share! The message you tell and prayers you offer are salve to those you will encounter. He does the healing . . .He will heal those who accept Him as Lord and believe His truth!

I'm praying for you.

What JOY we have in Him! Love you!

LindseyNicole said...

Thank you Lori so much! Amen to the hope we have! Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and encouragement! Love you too!

Virgil said...

Hi Lindsey,

This is so great to be able to follow your posts and learn first hand from you of your experiences. God Bless You! We look forward to reading additional posts.

Virgil & Doris