Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cambodia Bound

We are so excited that this day has finally come - my husband, Brenden, and I are leaving for Cambodia this afternoon! We will be there for two weeks working with two missionary couples - visiting villages, a prison, genocide memorials, and even two safe houses for rescued victims of Human Trafficking. God has provided in abundant ways for us to be able to go on this trip and we are so grateful for how we have seen His hand already at work! We would appreciate your prayers as we go with hearts that are searching for what is next in our life. Please pray that we would have open hearts and eyes to what God wants to reveal to us. We want to be fully present in the things we will get to experience in Cambodia and the people we hope to befriend, while listening intently for His voice among it all.

Thank you again to the many people who supported us and in doing so, are sending us. We are so grateful to each of you and can't wait to share with you when we return. We hope to send a couple of updates while on the field, so check back here to read how it's going for us!

Lindsey & Brenden

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Ann Hagensen said...

Hi hon,
I am sure you are taking in so many wonderful new people, places and customes. Prayer for you both that all your senses coupled with your loving hearts will yield beautiful exchanges of love. Loads of love & prayers, Mom