Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let the countdown commence...30 days to go!

Exactly one month from today I will be leaving for Nepal! Wow...I truly am so excited but of course, also anxious. I still have quite a few tasks to accomplish before I am truly ready (according to my own standards as well as Fuller's!)...but the LORD is faithful and will strengthen me to be diligent in completing such tasks.

As I ponder about my fast-approaching journey, I am thinking about what kind of expectations I have for this trip. I think it can be a positive thing to have expectations, especially in the form of goals, but the pessimistic Lindsey tells me not to have any expectations so as not to be light of these reasonings, here are my expectations and my hopes -

I expect to be surprised.

I expect to be further molded and transformed into the likeness of Christ as I am faithful to seek Him.

I expect to share His story, as well as my own.

I expect to experience culture shock along the way, as well as probably reverse culture shock when coming home (which is usually harder for me).

I expect to be overwhelmed at times.

I expect to be homesick.

I expect to have to practice flexibility.

I expect to see and experience the spiritual warfare between darkness and Light.

I expect to meet people who love the One True God (these are the people I will be living and working with :)

I hope to meet and build relationships with many Nepali people.

I hope to be used by God in a might way.

I hope to find an incredible topic/issue to write about.

I hope to apply what I've learned in my degree and be diligent in my studies.

I hope to be safe, but hope to wisely put the cause of Christ ahead of this always.

I hope to see Mt. Everest.

I hope that this trip will further open my eyes and the eyes of family - expanding our understanding of the world and God's immense love for every people group and culture He created!

There are many more expectations and hopes that I have for this trip but they will be reserved for my prayer life :) Thanks to those reading this and if you feel led to pray for me, I indeed am in need of prayer for the list above.

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